Lucasfilm Claims its Planning Out Ten Years Worth of ‘Star Wars’ Movies

Bad news for Star Wars haters – there are plans to keep movies coming out from the franchise for the next decade. Head of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy said so on The Star Wars Show after questions popped up about what would be happening after Episode IX:

“We’re sitting down now, we’re talking about the next ten years of Star Wars stories and we’re looking at narratively where that might go. Future stories beyond Episode IX, with these new characters, Rey, Poe, Finn, BB-8, but we’re also looking at working with people that are interested in coming into the Star Wars world and taking us to places that we haven’t been yet, and that’s exciting too because it’s a vast galaxy far, far away. The possibilities are endless!”

This may include the rumored Obi-Wan movie with Stephen Daldry of Billy Elliot fame to direct. The other films that are in the running, though fans are vying for Mace Windu, Boba Fett, and Yoda. There may even be expansions into stories and characters from the books and TV show.

It’s not hard to see why LucasFilm is choosing now to expand. Hot off two successful films that revitalized the fan base, in a cinematic landscape where multi-movie franchises continue to dominate the box office, now seems perfectly poised to build a Star Wars cinematic universe. Still, even the best laid plans can fall apart, so until more films are actually announced, Kennedy’s words are just that.

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