New Obi-Wan Solo Film in Development

The world of  Star Wars just keeps getting bigger and bigger, and like always, Obi-Wan might be our only hope. Disney tells The Hollywood Reporter that an Obi-Wan solo film is in the early stages of development and they are already looking to snag a director for the project.  

Disney is trying to get Oscar-nominated director Stephen Daldry of Billy Elliot and The Hours to sign on to the project. The sources also said that there is currently no script or cast in mind, so don’t go getting your hopes up just yet. Other characters, like Boba Fett and Yoda, are also being considered for solo projects.


It is interesting that they are already trying to start other solo projects considering the drama around their first one. The still untitled Han Solo film had a last minute director change and rumors that the higher ups were dissatisfied with the performance of its star. Could this be a sign that Disney and LucasFilm are looking to cut their losses or just hedging their bets? It might also be a good sign that the company is looking to grab more experienced direction, as the Han Solo project brought on up-and-coming directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, only to switch them out for the far more experienced Ron Howard. 

What this Obi-Wan Solo project’s plot will be is a mystery, though it will likely cover what the Jedi master did after the death of all the Jedi and getting Luke and Leia to safety. There’s also no news as to whether Ewan McGregor will reprise his role, considering what a disaster the prequels were. And because there is no script or cast, we have no idea when this project will make its way to the silver screen. But of course, stay tuned to The Outerhaven for any and all developments in this story. 

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