Gang Beasts Coming to PS4 this December

Earlier this month, Boneloaf confirmed that their ridiculous multiplayer fighting game Gang Beasts was still coming to PlayStation 4. In an official announcement, the developer stated they would have more information and a concrete release date by the end of the year. PlayStation has finally confirmed a release date for the long-awaited party game, and it’s surprisingly close: December 12

The official PlayStation blog confirms additional game modes, including 2v2 soccer matches and a 4 player cooperative mode that pits you against waves of enemies. In addition, there will also be customization options for your characters and new maps to fight in. 

The PlayStation release of Gang Beasts has been a long time coming, but it’s better late than never. It makes for an insanely fun couch co-op experience that will be worth checking out this December. 

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Veronica Ciotti

Texas born and raised and current university student. Veronica is a dedicated PlayStation convert and enthusiast. She’ll play (almost) anything, but is particularly fond of character-driven adventures with great narratives, atmospheric horror, or offbeat indie experiences. Bonus points for Vita releases.