Brian Michael Bendis leaves Marvel for DC Comics

According to comic book news site Comic Beat: This morning, DC Comics took to Twitter to announce that they had signed an exclusive deal with comics writer Brian Michael Bendis.

This announcement was confirmed by Brian Michael Bendis himself not too long afterwards, again via Twitter.

For those people who are unfamiliar with Brian Michael Bendis’ work with Marvel Comics over the past 15 years, you need to look no further than the introduction of two very influential characters into the Marvel Comics Universe: Miles Morales and Jessica Jones. Brain Michael Bendis decided after his very successful run in 2000’s Ultimate Spider-Man to shake things up by killing off Peter Parker as the main character and start from scratch with an Afro-Latino teenager by the name of Miles Morales. While the change, which happened at the same time as another huge Spider-Man shake up by the name of One More Day/Brand New Day, was at first lashed back by long term Spider-Man fans before Bendis’ writing won over fans in the long run and the character has since been inserted into the main 616 Marvel Universe. Jessica Jones on the other hand, while not hitting too well in the comic book world, has found more success in the realm of TV with the Netflix show of the same name being a huge success for both Netflix and Marvel in terms of character and story telling.

Brian Michael Bendis

Brain Michael Bendis is used to being in the main seat at Marvel, serving as Editor-in-Chief for the company for a number of years. While he is not the beginning of a lot of Marvel’s current troubles with readers in terms of swapping long term established characters with gender/race swapped replacements, he did have a big hand in their creation and push to the forefront of many Marvel Comic books. All people can hope is that moving over to DC Comics, a company that is extremely hard to agree to change canon with, will cause Bendis to rethink his writing style before the good ship DC begins to sink like Marvel has been doing for the last few months.

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