Assassination Classroom Vol. 19 Review

Assassination Classroom Vol. 19 ReviewTitle: Assassination Classroom Vol. 19
Author: Yusei Matsui
Publisher: Viz Media
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 200
Genre: Shonen, Battle, Comedy
Publication Date: December 5, 2017

The Story

Volume nineteen of Assassination Classroom finally ditched the side arcs and plunged straight into the end of the series. Koro-sensei wanted to create a special yearbook and ends up taking the class around the world to take thousands of photos of them. He ends up staying late after school to work on the yearbook when the government decides to hatch their plan. They fire a laser of light from a satellite in outer space at the school. The light doesn’t destroy physical material, but rather, it destroys tentacle monsters like Koro-sensei. Somehow, Koro-sensei dodges the laser beam just in time, only sustaining minor damage.

The mountain is then sealed off in a dome of anti-tentacle matter, trapping Koro-sensei on the mountain. The satellite is charging to 100% for a final, decisive strike. Nagisa and the others learn of what’s happening and want to see Koro-sensei, but they are captured by the government. They end up escaping thanks to the efforts of Karasuma and Bitch-sensei. The path to the mountain isn’t an easy one, though. They have to content with the Wolf Pack, lead by Craig Hojo, aka God’s Soldier. They are an elite group of mercenaries and the last line of defense of the barrier. Of course, in typical Assassination Classroom fashion, the kids prevail and reunite with Koro-sensei. Just then, the barrier disappears in one spot briefly and we catch a glimpse of the final battle to come.

I loved the story that was told here, although parts of it were a bit on the unbelievable side, but that’s something you end up getting used to with this series. There are two volumes left to go and with all of the filler out of the way, these last two volumes could rival Koro-sensei’s backstory as some of the best chapters in the series. I’m certainly pumped to see how the story comes to its conclusion!


We didn’t get to spend much time with the new character Craig Hojo. We ran into him early on in the volume as he and the other members of the Wolf Pack posed as common street thugs in order to gain intel on Class 3-E. The next time we see him is when they kidnap the kids and then depart for the mountain. Sure, we get some information about his battle prowess and experience, but that’s all we really get. Considering how quickly they wrote him off, it makes sense that we didn’t get much time with him. He does seem to have a noble persona about him, even when he tries to go “beast mode.” Even when he was fighting the students, he took into account their ages and whether or not he should use real bullets. A true assassin wouldn’t care, but he actually had a human side to him. I kind of liked him as a character, but this is Assassination Classroom we’re talking about. Characters don’t really get long-term development here.

It was pretty hilarious that the “Commander” never actually got any development. In fact, he didn’t even get a name! Every time a situation came up where he could say his name, someone cut him off or flat out told him that they didn’t care what his name was. He does make a great point, though, that even if the chance is less than 1%, that’s still too high of a chance when the safety and security of the entire Earth is in question. It is sound reasoning behind why they are taking these steps to assassinate Koro-sensei. You can’t really fault them for doing so. After all, any good government will take the necessary steps to protect its people. In this case, they are protecting the entire Earth. Painting Koro-sensei in such a negative light; however, was necessary to avoid public sympathy, but it still doesn’t excuse it from being an underhanded tactic. The “Commander” is a good example of a character that has to make tough decisions to do what is necessary. I just found it hilarious that an important character like that got treated in such a minuscule fashion!

Outside of these two characters, Karma was the only student to get any further development. His development was a simple maturing process. He was able to keep his temper in check for the first time during their run in with the Wolf Pack. This lead to unnecessary violence between the two of them which could have jeopardized the government’s upcoming plan. It was a nice little touch to his character, but it felt more like a retribution aspect more than development. There really isn’t enough time left in this series to see that new nuance about him used again. It really felt like a one and done characteristic.

Final Thoughts

Volume nineteen of Assassination Classroom got me pumped up for the conclusion of the series! While it seems far-fetched that junior high students can thwart an entire government and the world’s leading mercenary team, you have to remember that it was just last volume that they snuck on board the International Space Station. Assassination Classroom just keeps coming up with these ridiculous situations that are beyond belief, but at the same time, that’s what makes this series incredibly fun! That’s the special charm that Assassination Classroom brings with it because you can experience drama and comedy all in the same situation.

It shows that this series doesn’t take itself too seriously and that’s a good thing. It gives it its own personality… even if that personality has been seen in several other series. Despite it not being an original concept, Assassination Classroom finds a way to make it its own and make it feel special. Now that Yanigasawa and Grim Reaper II have entered the thunderdome, all that’s left is the battle between these two and the final decision with Koro-sensei!

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