Razer has just pulled the curtain on two new products that are aimed at streamers and content creators. The first is is a new webcam, called the Razer Kiyo. Now, unlike other webcams, this one has a ring light built into it. Meaning that you won’t have to trying and get the right lighting for your videos. Or having to scramble to set up your light kits, which usually ends up in a mess. I don’t know about you, but I really hate doing this. Now with the Razer Kiyo, you won’t have to anymore.

The Razer Kiyo will support 720p@60FPS and 1080p@30FPS. It also is compact and portable, meaning you can take it anywhere. It will also be compatible with popular streaming software, OBS, and Xsplit. You can also mount it, using tripods or mic arms as well. The webcam is selling for $99.99 and is available now via the Razerzone website.

I guess somehow, Razer was in my head as I’ve always wondered by there wasn’t a webcam on the market that incorporated this. I’ve already ordered myself one and will be providing impressions as soon as I get it.


Then we have the Razer Seiren X, an upgraded version of the Razer Seiren. It’s a bit smaller compared to the original version – about 50% smaller. Meaning it’s extremely portable.

Razer is calling this a “Super Cardioid” microphone, meaning it will pick up your voice, no matter where you are positioned around the microphone. However, what makes this version stand out compared to the original is the built-in shock mount. This helps solve the issue when placing a microphone on a desk or table and having every little vibration picked up. 

This is also available as now via the Razerzone store and retails for $99.99.