The Super Mario Odyssey Switch Bundle Is Just In Time For The Holidays

You just knew that Nintendo was going to release a Super Mario Odyssey-themed Nintendo Switch. And you knew it was going to be announced just before the 2017 shopping kicked off. So you’re not completely surprised that we’re seeing it now, are you? Of course, you aren’t, but that doesn’t make you any less interested in it. Right?

Don’t worry, I’m very much interested in it my self. So here it is folks – The Super Mario Odyssey Edition Nintendo Switch. It’s sure to be a crowd pleaser and sadly, a scalpers dream, come this shopping holiday. Included is a black Nintendo Switch, two red Joy-Cons, a Super Mario Odyssey carrying case, and a digital code to download Super Mario Odyssey. Sadly, there isn’t any physical edition of the game included.

Sadly, there isn’t any physical edition of the game included.

Update: The system is now available for pre-order at Best Buy. The downside is you’re charged when you place a pre-order at Best Buy. So unless you can live with that, you’ll have to wait for Amazon to put up their listing. The plus side is that Best Buy is only allowing you on per order.

Update 2: also has it in their systems now.


Super Mario Odyssey Bundle

This bundle will set you back $379.99, which is $20 more than if you purchased the Nintendo Switch and Mario by themselves. Still, those red Joy-Cons and that carry case make up for it. Currently, I haven’t seen anywhere that this can be pre-order at just yet. But rest assured, I’ll be keeping my eye out for them. October 27th, 2017, just got a bit more exciting or dangerous, depending on your outlook.

I only hope that Nintendo can meet the demand for this, especially every Mario fan is going to be asking jolly olde’ Saint Nick for one. Myself, included! Good luck everyone on getting your hand on what is going to be the eagerly most in-demand title once it drops.