At the Tokyo Game Show, many new characters were revealed to be coming to Fire Emblem Warriors. The first was Celica from Shadows of Valentia/Gaiden. But now, two more characters have been officially confirmed.

The first is Caeda, one of the main Pegasus Knights from Shadow Dragon, and the wife of Marth. She was spotted in the trailer that revealed Lyn in the game, but didn’t get a confirmation until now via the trailer below.

Second is Tiki. Specifically, Young Tiki from Shadow Dragon. Hers is a curious case, as she was “revealed” for the game at E3 via an Amiibo figurine, but it was never stated she would be in the game. However, fans were adamant she would as why would Nintendo make an Amiibo for a character that wasn’t?

Check out their reveal trailer below:

But wait! There’s more! A stream of Fire Emblem Warriors was shown during TGS, and during it, a special Bride Lucina was revealed to be coming as a gift to those that buy the season pass for the title. Which no doubt will include new characters from various Fire Emblem games.

Not much else is known about Bride Lucina, or who may appear in the Season Pass. But, with Fire Emblem Warriors about to arrive in Japan, we don’t suspect there will many more secrets that can be hidden much longer.

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