Since E3 2017, Fire Emblem Warriors fans have wanted confirmations of new characters outside of the six sword-users we knew about. Thankfully, we soon found out that Frederick, Lissa, Robin (both male and female apparently), Lucina (sword-user, but does have a bow here), and Cordelia would be joining the game. You’ll notice however that’s a lot of Awakening characters. Well, that might change coming up.

The official Fire Emblem Warriors twitter feed posted that this month we would find out about two more characters. One would be a female rider, and the other would be a bow wielder.

Naturally, speculation is running wild about who these two are, and what games the reveal will come from. Many are hoping for Shadow Dragon characters, as Marth is the only one confirmed from that game so far (Tiki was teased via an Amiibo, but no confirmation has come!). So for a female “rider” that could mean a Pegasus Knight or a Wyvern Rider. Shadow Dragon had Caeda (who would be Marth’s wife), Minerva, Est, Palla, Catria, all are viable options. Archers would be limited to Jeorge, Cordin, or Castor.

Of course, Fates is also an option, and that combo could lead to Camilla and Takumi getting revealed (both of whom are fan-favorites), but Hinoka is another female rider option.

Who do you want Fire Emblem Warriors to reveal next? Let us know in the comments below!

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