Street Fighter II Celebrates 30th Anniversary with a new SNES cartridge.

With the 30th Anniversary happening this year (The Original Street Fighter/Fighting Street, not the more popular Street Fighter II) Capcom is beginning to ramp up the special things for the hardcore fanbase to spend vast amounts of money on. This time Capcom has gone above and beyond anything that we could imagine and has teamed up with iam8bit to reproduce the first official SNES cartridge in decades for the first version of Street Fighter II.

Street Fighter

For only the small amount of $100 (Even though a boxed copy on ebay goes for as low as $30, with a cartridge only copy going for the low low price of $12) you can roll the dice on one of the 5500 reproduced cartridges that has the following features:

  • Limited Edition of 5,500*
  • Brand-New Playable SNES Cartridge*
  • Tri-Fold Box w/ Foil, Gloss & Embossments
  • Premium Instruction Booklet
  • Retro Pack-In Surprises
  • Package Design & Restoration by Jango Snow Art & Design
  • Manufacturing by Retrotainment Games

Street Fighter

Why did I say “roll the dice”? Well it turns out that 1000 of these reproductions cartridges are made in a special Glow-In-The-Dark Green in honor of everyone’s favorite electricity shocking animal-man Blanka. Mind you, you have no idea if you’re going to get the Ryu Headband Red or Glow-In-The-Dark Blanka Green version till you open the box, thus will mean 1000 of these things are going to end up as ebay fodder sooner rather than later.

Cartridge colorways are randomly inserted into sealed, unmarked boxes. The edition of 5,500 is comprised of: Opaque Ryu Headband Red (4,500 total); and Translucent, Glow-in-the-Dark Blanka Green (1K total). We cannot guarantee which version you will receive. It truly is completely random.

Street Fighter

As a Street Fighter 30th Anniversary surprise, Capcom & iam8bit fistbumped to create this ultra premium throwback relic – a brand-new, freshly manufactured limited edition of Street Fighter II for Super Nintendo Entertainment System compatible hardware. Featuring one of two colored cartridges, each housing the original game code and fully playable on NTSC consoles – but that’s just the beginning! The “Legacy Cartridge Collection” embodies retro-inspired luxury, amplifying the core SNES box design with a glistening foil sheen, delicately embossed texture, chic spot varnish and an innovative tri-fold cover that opens to reveal bonus vintage art. Inside, we’re keeping it old-school by restoring the contents of the original instruction booklet, complete with a new archival cover print + secret pack-ins (to be revealed when you crack that shrink-wrap seal).

Street Fighter

Yes, you can play this game in your dusty old SNES… If you want to risk it blowing up or catching on fire. While this is an official release from Capcom, it’s still a reproduction cartridge, meaning that there is a chance that this might cause your collectible SNES to catch fire and turn into a lump of burnt plastic. Thankfully iam8bit warns out of this on their website with this very specific warning message:

WARNING: Use of this reproduction game cartridge (the “Product”) on the SNES gaming hardware may cause the SNES console to overheat or catch fire. The SNES hardware is deemed a vintage collectible, so please exercise extreme caution when using the Product and make sure there is fire extinguishment equipment nearby. Use of the Product is at the sole risk of the user. The Product is sold “as is”. Neither iam8bit, Inc. nor Capcom Co, Ltd. make any representation or warranty, express or implied, of any kind, including any warranty of merchantability of fitness for a particular use, or that the Product is safe to use, and iam8bit, Inc. or Capcom Co, Ltd. shall have no liability for damage to property or persons arising from use of the Product. Nintendo of America is in no way associated with the release of this Product.

Street Fighter

Shipping begins in late November 2017 for this 5500 run. To be honest, if past Nintendo legacy items are any indication of how things go, you might get a copy if you’re one of the first 1000 to beat out all the order bots that’ll have this thing up on ebay for 10 times the price the next day. Good luck.

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