Splatoon 2 has been hot from the moment it released on the Nintendo Switch. Between the main story, online modes, Salmon Run, Splatfests, and more, Nintendo has been keeping players entertained through it. And now, via Gamescom, a trio of updates were revealed for the game, and will be coming soon.

First up, a new stage for Turn War was revealed in the form of Manta Maria. This is a very unique stage, as it’s the first to even been on a ship (not counting Salmon Run which is a wrecked ship). This stage will have masts and netting for you to use to try and get the upper hand. The map will arrive on August 26th.

Second, a new weapon is being brought into the mix in the form of the Bubble Blower. This weapon can make three massive bubbles for you to use as both weapon and shield. It’ll be attached with the Forge Splattershot Pro, and will become available September 2nd.

Finally, Salmon Run will be getting a new stage via Lost Outpost! This mode will be available tomorrow for local multiplayer, and will be in the online mode not long after.

For first looks at these stages and weapon, check out the video below! And stay tuned as the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast dives into these Splatoon 2 announcements, and more!

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