Final Fantasy XV Regalia Coming to Forza Horizon 3

The Regalia, the main mode of transportation in FINAL FANTASY XV that put Chocobos out of work, is making it’s way to Forza Horizon 3 in a limited time cross-over between Microsoft and Square-Enix. While this amazing vehicle will not transform into the flying version or have the ability to have custom stickers that you can in the game, you can see every glittering detail that has been recreated in the Forza Horizon 3 engine. Just going from the video below (which is all rendered in game) the car looks amazingly stunning and even let’s you get under the hood to some degree to see parts of The Regalia that you didn’t see in FINAL FANTASY XV. You can see the Regalia in action in the trailer below yourself… and if you play it at anything under 1080p fullscreen then we can no longer be friends.

Beginning on August 1, Forza Horizon 3 and FINAL FANTASY XV players will be able to download and enjoy the Regalia in Forza Horizon 3 for free. The Regalia will be made available to everyone who has played Forza Horizon 3 (on Xbox One, Xbox One S, or Windows 10 PCs) and/or FINAL FANTASY XV (on Xbox One or Xbox One S) by August 1, 2017. For Forza Horizon 3 players, the Regalia will be sent to all players and will be redeemable through the in-game messaging system. FINAL FANTASY XV players will receive a code to redeem the Regalia in Forza Horizon 3 via the Xbox Live messaging system beginning on August 1.



The transportation method of choice for FINAL FANTASY XV’s royal main character Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum and his friends Ignis, Gladiolus, and Prompto, the Regalia is unofficially the fifth member of Noctis’ party. Embarking on an epic road trip, Noctis and his buddies pilot the Regalia across the land of Eos, encountering endless adventure and intrigue along the way.

With its massive heft, intricate body details, and luxurious interior, the Regalia is a unique addition to the world of Forza Horizon 3. The team at Square Enix found inspiration for the Regalia’s design from real-world models like the Cadillac Ciel concept car and the Maybach Exelero. In Forza Horizon 3, the car’s size (nearly 21 feet long and seven feet wide) make it a cruiser’s delight. Take it for a slow-burn drive through downtown Surfers Paradise, or hit the Aussie freeway in the Outback and push that 7.2-liter supercharged V12 (offering up 536 hp) to its limit. The Regalia gives Forza Horizon 3 players the chance to experience true automotive royalty.



For more information about the event, you can go to the Announcement Page on the Forza Horizon 3 Official Website

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