LEGO to release the first official Voltron build-able brick toy

In a recent LEGO Ideas Blog, LEGO has announced that they are going into production for the first ever build-able Voltron toy for the brand…

Yep, I got nothing. This is freaking AWESOME!! One of the top 80s cartoons on the planet is getting a full blown officially licensed LEGO release. This is not too surprising since Voltron has been getting a very positive revival through the Voltron: Legendary Defender series on Netflix. So for LEGO to read the room correctly and not only get the license for the toy, but to also pick one of the very best LEGO robot builders on their LEGO ideas website, Len_d69, to use for the release is going to be something I need to guard my wallet from once this set is released.

The set, which features all 5 Lions which can transform into the one giant defender of the universe does not have an official brick count yet, but looks like it’s going to be one of LEGO’s higher end and pricier sets. As Len_d69 states on the project’s official page: “When combined, they form Voltron which stands around 16 inches in height and weighs close to 1kg”, so it’s going to be a big and heavy set. But from all photos you can find on his Facebook page, the set has been built out of current bricks so there is no custom bricks needed to be produced. So hopefully this means that this set will see shelf time in a shorter period.


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