There’s been a lot of flak through at Fire Emblem Warriors since E3. On one hand, the first six characters they showed were sword users…which was odd since they kept saying that the game wouldn’t include several fan-favorite Lords because “they would be mostly sword users”. And then the other day they confirmed that Cordelia and Female Robin would be in the game. Which got praise for Cordelia, but confusion for Robin as Male Robin was already in the game.

Now a screenshot found of the game seems to point to two entire classes of characters not being in the game. As you’ll see via the tweet below, it appears as though all the weapons that are usable in the game are displayed on a Convoy screen, not unlike what regular Fire Emblem games do.

See what’s missing? Shuriken and Daggers are missing from the list. Which means (apparently) that Maids, Ninjas, and Thieves/Assassin’s won’t be included. Which means fan favorite characters like Kaze and Saizo, Gaius, Felicia, and more won’t be included from Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates.

However, the picture also officially confirms that bow users will be in the game, likely meaning that characters like Takumi will be included more than likely. And since Robin(s) are in the game, we can expect more Tome users to follow.

What do you think about this? Is Fire Emblem Warriors better off without their Ninja, Thief, and Maid characters?

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