You want more Fire Embelm Warriors characters announcements? Well here you go! Koei Tecmo has revealed via an interview with Famitsu two big additions to their growing roster. And before you make a crack or joke, it’s not a sword user!

The first reveal is Female Robin, which is a surprise as Male Robin is also in the game. It’s possible you can just swap the genders of the character, but it’s hard to tell right now. And if this is not the case, we expect changes between the gender forms.

The real big addition though is Cordelia, who makes a debut as the first Pegasus Knight in this game. A lot of people were wondering if flying units would make it into the game, and this seems to be the answer. What’s more, she is the first official Lance-user in the game. Not to mention, Cordelia is a fan-favorite from Fire Emblem Awakening, and since that game along with Shadow Dragon and Fates are the focus of Fire Emblem Warriors, it makes sense to have more characters from that game in the title.

It is our hope that more characters are revealed for Fire Emblem Warriors soon, especially since the Shadow Dragon cast of characters is quite literally…Marth. And that’s it, we need to change that, and soon! Oh, and hopefully we’ll get a release date soon as well!

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