New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer drops at D23

Today at the Disney D23 event, Square-Enix followed up on it’s E3 2017 promise of showing off a brand new trailer to the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III game complete with a brand new world. The trailer, which you can view yourself below, shows not only some of the new weapons and how they are used in combat; but we also get to see the first whole new world of Toy Story being introduced.

While the trailer is in Japanese with subtitles for the moment, it’s good to see yet another world where Sora, Goofy and Donald get transformed into something more fitting to the landscape like they have done previously in the Nightmare Before Christmas world in Kingdom Hearts. As for the combat, it looks as if you can change from the traditional keyblade sword weapon to something that looks like a bomb on a stick that charges up in power before going off for huge Area of Effect damage, and also some sort of drill fist weapon that allows you to charge through enemies with ease.

While all of this looks impressive, as discussed on a recent Microsoft Experience Podcast here on The Outerhaven, Kingdom Hearts III has practically been in development since 2006, making it 11 years since Square-Enix decided to make the damn thing. Sure it was confirmed at E3 2013, but we know better. We need to see Kingdom Hearts III happen very soon or it’s going to hit Duke Nukem Forever levels of disappointment when it finally comes out… Which the trailer says is sometime in 2018… Maybe…

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