Dragon Cry

Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry Opens in U.S. Theaters This Summer

UPDATE: 7/17/17: Official release dates for U.S. and Canada announced by FUNimation: https://www.theouterhaven.net/2017/07/fairy-tail-dragon-cry-august-14/

UPDATE 7/4/17: Although FUNimation has not announced an official release date, multiple movie ticket websites are claiming that Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry will release on Monday, August 14. Please take this date with caution and as a date that may change.

During Anime Expo 2017, FUNimation made the announcement that Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry movie will open in U.S. Theaters this summer, but they did not state when during the summer it would open.  This comes after some confusion where a June 6, 2017 release date was floating around the internet, leading many fans to believe that the movie would be released on that day.

FUNimation did hold a worldwide premiere in Chicago on May 20th at Anime Central, but had been tight-lipped about the film’s release since then. The film originally opened in Japan on May 12 and earned around 54 million yen (~$480,000 USD) in its first weekend. The movie also ranked at #10 in Japanese theaters on opening weekend as well.

We here at The Outerhaven will update this post once a concrete release date has been announced.

In the meantime, The Outerhaven’s Karl Smart reviewed the Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry movie. If you wish to read his review, you can do so by clicking here: https://www.theouterhaven.net/2017/05/fairy-tail-dragon-cry-review/

The Fairy Tail Wikia describes the upcoming Dragon Cry film as follows:

Dragon Cry is a magic artifact, enshrined within a temple in the Kingdom of Fiore. The artifact, that has enough power to destroy the world, was stolen by traitor of the kingdom, Zash, and delivered to the king of Kingdom of Stella, Animus. The request of recapturing Dragon Cry was accepted by the Mages from Fairy Tail: Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Gray, Erza, Wendy and Carla; whilst in the midst of chasing Zash, they infiltrate the Kingdom of Stella. During their mission, they meet Animus’ magician, Sonya…

What does Animus plan to do with Dragon Cry? Sonya wants to save her country, what secret is she hiding? Within the interlacing ulterior motives, Fairy Tail fights against the danger that is the menacing world!

And in the middle of this heroic battle, Natsu’s instinct awakens…?!