FUNimation confirmed on Friday that Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry movie will, indeed, open in U.S. theaters on August 14. At Anime Expo, FUNimation announced that the movie would open in U.S. theaters this summer, but declined to state an actual date. Soon after that announcement, movie ticket sites across the country were all reporting an August 14 opening date, but FUNimation had not made an official announcement until now.

Despite this announcement, there will be several versions of the Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry film, each of which have their own release dates. The dates for the different versions are as follows:

  • August 14 – Japanese w/English Subtitles
  • August 16 – English Dub
  • August 17 – English Dub (Canada)
  • August 19 – English Dub (Second Screening)

FUNimation is also streaming the English dub promotional trailer for Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry which you can view below. Needless to say… at long last we finally have official confirmation as to when the movie will come out! Check your local listings for availability, or search online for sites which will provide ticket information. Not every city will be carrying the film so make sure there is a theater within a respectable distance from you!

In the meantime, The Outerhaven’s Karl Smart reviewed the Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry movie. If you wish to read his review, you can do so by clicking here:

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