I enjoy my fair share of pirate blockbusters as much as he next person, maybe even more. All the fun pirate jargon, beautiful island settings, and not to mention the sword fighting action!

A popular game that comes close to this would without a doubt be Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. The sixth installment of the franchise gave us a taste of pirate-life with its theme heavily surrounded by the 18th century’s Golden Age of Piracy.                      

Ubisoft’s got another game providing exciting naval battles and it’s called Skull and Bones, set to release in 2018. You may have seen it this summer while watching E3 2017 conferences, if not check out the trailer below.

Skull and Bones invites players to become the ultimate pirate by navigating along the treacherous waters to find loot using massive ships. Upgrading ships helps strengthen your fleet as you use that as an advantage to attack other ships in your route. You know this game features some powerful weapons, so be ready to use that against opponents in single player PvP mode or even team up and play with a group of friends.

When you think about it, with Ubisoft’s two games having such similar themes, Skull and Bones quite possibly could have been an extension of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Although this would have been an awesome idea, Ubisoft Singapore’s creative team would beg to differ.

After Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, [we wanted] to stay in the pirate fantasy and to make it bigger and stronger, [Skull and Bones was] probably quite far from what Assassin’s Creed wanted to do at the time.
– Oliver de Rotalier, managing editor

We are building a game that we want to support in the long term, that relies on strong mechanics; RPG, online. We want to build a strong service to be able to support a long-term experience. We are convinced that the core gameplay that we are building is big enough to experience on the long term and keep people engaged. We have a plan to make it last.

It seems as though Ubisoft has big plans for Skull and Bones, not only as a fresh IP but a game changer as well. It makes perfect sense, new IP equals no limits. Separating the two titles gives Ubisoft the chance to do exactly what they want and intend for this new vision. As the CEO of Ubisoft himself, Yves Guillemot may have said it best: “It’s a way to get more freedom.”

If you’re looking to at least get a taste of this pirate adventure before 2018, you should sign up for Skull and Bone‘s upcoming beta.

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