E3 2017 – Skull and Bones Takes Online Multiplayer to the Open Seas

Ubisoft had some real surprises in the E3 press conference, none more surprising than Skull and Bonesan open world naval tactical battle IP.

Skull & Bones is an online naval game that will take players across a dynamic, shared open-ocean that reacts to their actions and evolves to continuously challenge them. Building upon the studio’s naval gameplay expertise, Skull & Bones introduces an innovative wind system that gives gamers tactical opportunities to navigate more quickly, shoot further, hit harder, escape deadly blows, and position themselves to decimate their victims. Gamers will also be able to build their own fleet of ships, which can specialize in different battle conditions using the game’s extensive customization options.

Skull and Bones will conduct several live alphas and betas in preparation for its impending launch. Gamers interested in participating can sign up at http://www.skullandbonesgame.com/beta

Skull and Bones is slated for a 2018 release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.