Star Fox 2 was a title originally made for the SNES, however, due to complications, it never saw the light of day. The next game that came out for the series was the legendary Star Fox 64. But now, 20 years later, Star Fox 2 is coming out via the SNES Classic.

What makes its arrival so interesting is that apparently the team behind the game weren’t informed of this. Including programmer Dylan Cuthbert, who was emailed by Kotaku to get his thoughts on its release. Naturally, he’s very happy for its release:

“Totally weirded out and totally psyched. I mean, I had completely given up on the chance that it might come out. I spent two years of hard work making it and loved every minute.

However, he’s also fine with that it didn’t come out all those years ago, he understood why Nintendo didn’t want it out:

“Our older retro form of 3D just didn’t cut it anymore and Nintendo didn’t want to raise comparisons. I agree that strategically (if not emotionally) it was the correct decision. But now our older retro form of 3D is the new cool kid on the block, it’s perfect timing!”

That it is, and Star Fox 2 will hopefully be the spark that the series needs to come back in a big way. Star Fox Zero for the Wii U was a bust, but with any luck, this will be the push Nintendo needs to bring an all-new Star Fox game to the Switch.

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