Nintendo Officially Announces The Super Nintendo Classic Edition

While everyone was rushing to get ahold of the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition (Which is no longer being sold), there were rumors that Nintendo was prepping for another launch. This time, Nintendo would be offering a Super Nintendo variant, something that I’m sure plenty of old-school and retro gamers would love to have. Well, Nintendo has officially announced that system – the Super Nintendo Classic Edition and it’s launching this Fall 2017.

Nintendo Officially Announces The Super Nintendo Classic Edition

The system will be available on September 29th,2017, will come packed with two controllers, an HDMI cable, 21 pre-installed games and will be priced at $79.99. Included with the system are the following games.

Nintendo Officially Announces The Super Nintendo Classic Edition

That’s a pretty damned good list of games, for sure. However, did you happen to notice that this will include Star Fox 2?  Yes, for the first time ever (outside of ROM leaks), Star Fox 2 will be playable, so this makes the SNES Classic Edition that much desirable. 

From the emails we received from Nintendo, the system looks exactly like the original Super NES. The controllers even look like they could be the original controllers, especially how the port lines up. So that hopefully means that some of our old SNES controllers should work with the unit as well.

Here’s hoping that Nintendo either makes enough of these things to meet the demand or at least informs everything that this is a limited time deal. And I didn’t see anywhere on the Super NES Classic Edition website that this would, in fact, be limited. We’ll just have to wait and see. But if you want to avoid the hassle of the NES Classic, make sure you pre-order this the moment it becomes available. Or you’re likely to miss out.

Be sure to check out the Official SNES Classic Edition website here.

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