A new RPG from Tokyo RPG Factory, the team behind I Am Setsuna (check out Tyler’s review!) recently announced their latest RPG endeavor called Lost Sphear. In a twist, the game is coming to not only PS4 and PC, but to the Nintendo Switch, which makes sense given that I Am Setsuna was a launch title for Switch.

Now though, a teaser site has been launched, and through Gematsu, we have a translation of the general story and the characters that comprise Lost Sphear. The world itself is comprised of Memories, and those memories are tied to the people that live there. If something happens to the Memories, the land and its people are erased, and they can’t be restored. That is…until a young boy named Kanata realizes he can actually change the world via the Memories, and thus goes off to recover the “Lost”. Or not, it’s your choice apparently.

Also in the game character wise are Kanata’s friends Lumina and Locke who will join him on his journey. There’s also Van, a mystery young man who has very curious weapons called “bits” that he uses to attack and defend.

Lost Sphear will use a similar battle system to I Am Setsuna, with active time battles that’ll allow you to do strategy at your own pace. The game is said to be big, with numerous cities and environments for you to roam. Lost Sphear is set to arrive in the US in early 2018.

We talked a little bit about this on the most recent Nintendo Entertainment Podcast, listen in to hear our thoughts!

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