The Evil Within 2 Mistakenly Marketed Early via NeoGaf Ad

For the second time ever, NeoGaf user Dusk Golem has found something on Bethesda’s now worst kept secret: The Evil Within 2. Back in March, Dusk Golem found this advertisement for Psycho Break 2, or as we know it in the west: The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2

For those of us who do not understand Japanese, here’s the Google translation of the right hand side of the page:

【Japan – UK bug report translator】
Total 1 person Title PSYCHOBREAK 2
Language English Japanese
Number of people 1
Nanba station Nearest station: Tamachi
On site work period (planned) 4/10 / Monday to 10/31 (Tue) until weekday 5 Working day, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays!
There is a possibility, but I think it is almost there.
Possibility Hours Unit price 1,400 yen (Negotiable) Time 10: 30 ~ 19: 30 Production: 8.0h Break: 1h Overtime: possibility of occurrence
Transportation expenses are separately provided DH Provided by domestic testers
QA Bugs (Japanese) are bug-translated into English for overseas development staff.
Job content (plan) |. Specification materials prepared by overseas development staff / Denosig usage and work instructions for Japanese DH tester. Specification grasp of touching some real machine before bug translation will occur. ·
Hardware target: PS4 / X1

Well since then Dusk Golem, along with other NeoGaf users, has been able notice an advertisement for the now upcoming The Evil Within 2 with the tag line “The only way out is in” and a link back to the official The Evil Within website, which as of writing has yet to be updated.

The Evil Within 2

Since it’s now only a matter of hours till Bethesda’s E3 2017 Press Conference, we will be able to give you more information on The Evil Within 2 as it breaks. In order to see more news and notes from E3 2017, you can check out The Outerhaven’s E3 2017 coverage page. The Outerhaven reviewed The Evil Within back in October 2014 with a score of 4 out of 5.

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