One of the things that people have wondered about the Nintendo Switch is how fast the games are playing in both modes. Sometimes the game is at 60FPS, but then when it’s in tablet mode its in 30FPS. Also, the graphical quality gets lower when in tablet mode. Well, it seems that Pokken Tournament DX won’t have that problem at all.

During Day 2 of the Nintendo Live Treehouse, the team played Pokken Tournament DX, and revealed that the game both in docked and tablet mode will be 60FPS. Noting that this was a big deal for them, and they wanted the game to be truly seamless and fast no matter what game you played in.

Also, the game will have 3v3 battles because of fans. They asked for battles that would allow for more Pokemon to be used, and thus the 3v3 battle mode will be in Pokken Tournament DX. Another twist here though is that you can select any Pokemon in your party to use and your opponent won’t know which is selected until the game starts. So, if one of your Pokemon is defeated, the next one in line won’t necessarily be the one that comes next if you don’t want it to.

Pokken Tournament DX arrives on Nintendo Switch on September 22nd.

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