Though an official release date was not announced, we do have however have a release date window for the higly anticipated God of War. From what was shown at the Sony conference, we now know that this game will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro in early 2018!

The conference revealed more about the relationship between Kratos, his son, and the world of enemies surrounding them through an exciting gameplay trailer, take a look at the footage below.

This new trailer gave us a more in depth look into the releationship previously shown between Kratos and the young lad in God of War. More gameplay shows him in what seems to be significant parts of the game meaning, it may be safe to say that we will see him more often than not. That said, could we be looking at possible co-op styled gameplay, where players utilize both Kratos and his son during certain areas throughout the game? 

Nonetheless, it is so reassuring to know that this game is coming to our PlayStation 4 systems much sooner than later. The action filled scenes and interesting narrative on top of the different enemies to be encountered all make this title look like a hit! For more information on the new God of War, visit their website for more details on the game before its release in early 2018.

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