Experience a wild zombie apocalypse like never before via your PlayStation VR headset with Arizona Sunshine. This exciting first person shooter tests how well players would survive as they explore this game’s postapocalyptic world. Be careful, they’re everywhere! Take a look at the launch trailer below

Earlier this month, not long after the release of the new Aim Controller, PlayStation unveiled gameplay using the new accessory while playing Arizona Sunshine.

Trevor Blom, and his team over at Vertigo Games invite players to try this game without the DualShock or Move controllers and created new features to provide additional support for the Aim Controller. Check out some of the gameplay footage.  

An additional survival campaign mode has been added where players get to choose from an additional 13 newly added two-handed weapons, perfect for complete immersion while using the Aim Controller.

But that’s not the only thing they have tweaked in the game. Arizona Sunshine takes full advantage of the PS4 Pro’s power as well!

We’ve adjusted the graphic settings dynamically for each area to maintain a high frame rate while pushing the game’s visual quality to its limit. 

Anyone who decides to pick up this game during its launch week will receive the Arizona Sunshine: Launch Edition which includes both the game and an exclusive PS4 theme at 10% off.

Join the VR zombie apocalypse and pick up your copy today!

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