PlayStation VR Aim Controller to Launch with Farpoint May 16th

Thanks to more information from the GDC Expo, the PlayStation VR Aim Controller, Sony’s first VR controller developed for VR shooting games, will finally be available alongside the release of PlayStation’s VR game Farpoint on May 16th. If you’re not as familiar with this brand new immersive first person shooter, take a look at their teaser trailer below. 

During the GDC Expo last week, Sony held a number of speaker sessions where notable PlayStation contributors discussed how developers can make use of the PlayStation’s Aim Controller technology and show believable character behaviors with its movement.
The the hangar like design of the Aim Controller features all of the buttons that you’re familiar with on your standard game controller. Rather than the player use their DualShock 4 to shoot down enemies, they hold the light, gun shaped Aim Controller along with their VR headsets, giving them a more natural and immersive shooting experience.
The orb in the front of the controller is similar to the orbs found on the PlayStation Move controllers and is used to match your movement with the camera. The bottom of the controller which give you access to the left shoulder and trigger buttons, L1 and L2.
You will find the left D-Pad and analog stick near the share and options buttons located on the inside of the controller.  R2 is the trigger on the controller, and there are two R1 buttons for both left and right handed users.
The back of the controller, (where you’ll place your thumb) has your triangle, circle, X, and square buttons, each wrapped in a D-Pad like fashion around your second analog stick. On top you’ll find the power button and a touch bar like button. This one is similar to that of the DualShock’s only without the cool touch capabilities. 
Having a gun-shaped controller for our first person shooter games is truly bringing new immersive experiences to our very own living rooms! Get ready for the cool new PlayStation VR Aim Controller along with Farpoint for PS VR  this summer on May 16th.