Platinum Games To Publish Their First Title, Working On A New IP

We’ve all played their games. Regardless if it was a licensed title, a co-developed title or even a brand new IP, just about everyone is familiar with Platinum Games. Easily the brains behind some of my favorite titles, Platinum Games is a force to be reckoned with. Bayonetta, Mad World, Vanquish, Wonderful 101, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and the recently released NieR: Automata – all fantastic games in their own right. 

Now it looks like they’re about to start making moves on their own. As you may know, every one of their titles so far as been published by someone else. They’ve never published their own hits, but that’s about to change. According to Executive Director and Producer Atsushi Inaba, in a recent interview with Gamespark, Platinum Games is looking publish their own works. 

The company will look to publishing their titles onto all platforms. This also means the PC, a platform that Atsushi Inaba says they simply can not ignore. Atsushi Inaba mentions that he is aware of the success that Sega has had with the recent re-releases of Bayonetta and Vanquish on Steam. If you’re a PC gamer and haven’t checked out these ports you really need to. Both outshine their console counterparts with a bumped up frame rate (60fps) and upscaled 1080p/4K resolution support. They wouldn’t be the first Japanese company to start pushing more of their titles on the PC and they won’t be the last.

We want to actively release on PC. In the world of PC games, not everyone has the body of Ultra High Spec, each user has customized it. It is a world different from console playing with hard performance with unified performance. As platinum games, there is an idea that I want to put out on a vibrant platform that I want to put out on many platforms anyway. In that sense, PC games can not be ignored. I am constantly talking about wanting to publish to the publisher side on a PC, and I think that it will increase more and more in the future.

In addition to this, their first self-published title will be one that is smaller in scale, compared to their previous works and that is “purely platinum-colored.” Thisn’t the firs time this was mentioned either, as I recall the company announcing this previously. I can’t even begin to imagine how a game that completely belongs to Platinum Games would be like. Well, outside of being completely crazy, I’d expect nothing but tight controls, a kick-ass presentation, and feature that tried and true combat that the company is known for

I for one am happy to see that Platinum Games will be attempting to self-publish their games. Though you have to wonder what sort of effect that may with their relationship with other games. I also hope that means that they’ll have a bit more control over the quality of the games they release. Case in point is the recent release of NieR: Automata on the PS4 and PC. The PC version of the game is really in need of a patch to correct several performance related issues. So far the company has been quiet about any update plans for the title.

Source: Gamespark