E3 may be almost here, but it appears that Nintendo still wants to drop a bombshell or two by releasing the next of their acclaimed Nintendo Directs tomorrow! This Direct will drop on May 17th at 3pm PT/5pm Central/6pm EST. As for what it’ll be about, the Nintendo website states that Arms will be the focus, but that Splatoon 2 will also make an appearance via a new trailer.

This is fascinating for numerous reasons, not the least of which is because the last Nintendo Direct (which also featured a major segment for Arms) was only a month ago, and we’re now a month away from E3, so why is this Direct here?

Well, Arms is coming out on June 16, which is only a few days after the Nintendo E3 presentation, so very likely, they want to keep the hype and info up for it so that people will get it day one. As this is a brand new IP for Nintendo, and arguably the first major new IP for the Switch.

What this also could be about is that they’re trying to get certain things and details said and given so that their E3 can be cleared up for new announcements and game reveals. But of course, that’s just speculation at this point.

Regardless, we’ll be watching and covering this Arms Nintendo Direct, so stay tuned for our recap and thoughts on it!