So Where Exactly Is Our Prey Review?

As some of you may be aware of, Bethesda has since stopped providing review copies of their upcoming titles, with the recent release of Prey being no exception. This means that we weren’t able to get our hands on the title until this past Friday, just like everyone else. That said, we feel that it would be incredibly irresponsible of us if we provided a review of an eagerly awaited title with a little more than four hours of game time.

We don’t like letting not only our readers but ourselves down, no rushed reviews here folks. That said, you can expect our review of Prey sometime later this week, or possibly next week. But if you’re wondering what to expect with the game, I’ll give you my impressions so far. The game definitely feels a like a mash-up of Half-Life, BioShock and System Shock. It’s definitely a slower paced game, with less emphasize put on gunplay and more of taking your time and trying to survive. Mind you, there is definitely gunplay but takes a backseat to using your wits. 

So far the PC experience has been rock solid, with a few exceptions. There’s a bug that affects sound on certain setups, one that I’ve experienced first hand. On one of my PC’s, I have zero sound. While on my other one, the issue doesn’t pop-up at all. I’ve been scratching my head trying to figure what exactly is going on for a while now. Graphically, it looks good but it doesn’t look as good as say, the Witcher 3 or even DOOM 2016 for that matter. I don’t want to say it looks dated as the graphic department is very well done, just not over the top. The visual effects on the other hand, especially how the mimics look and move, is a completely different matter. The sound department, as well as the voices, were surprising as I didn’t expect what Arkane Studios managed to pull off.

I’ll stop there, and you’ll just have to wait for the full review in the upcoming days. Thanks for your patience.