A teaser trailer dropped during the recent Combo Breaker tournament that’s currently taking place. In this trailer, was the announcement of Eagle – the brother of Killer Instinct’s Thunder and the next DLC character for the series. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about the character but will be the first time he appears in the Killer Instinct. In the Killer Instinct comics, Eagle appears as Thunder’s older brother. However, in the game, he appears to be the younger of the two. 

During the trailer, we don’t exactly see the character, but we do see him running towards something. Shortly afterward we see him jumping into the air, grabbing an arrow from a robotic eagle. He then touches down with several arrows landing around him – I guess it’s safe to say that he prefers using a bow in combat. The teaser is really short but does help build up the excitement for the character.

Not much else is known about the Native American Nez Percé warrior, but he will be available as of June for Killer Instinct on Xbox One and Windows 10.