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Square Enix Is “Focusing The Most” On The Nintendo Switch

Well…this just got interesting. We’ve known for awhile that Square Enix has been a huge supporter of the Nintendo Switch. They’re bringing a lot of games to it and had a launch title on it with I Am Setsuna (check out our review!). Plus, they’re bringing original games like Project Octopath (made by the Bravely Default team) to the console. But apparently, we didn’t fully know the extent of how much they’re supporting the console.

In an interview with Nikkei (reported by NeoGaf), Square Enix CEO Matsuda-kun talked about the game industry in full. From mobile gaming, to demographics, to games like Final Fantasy XV, and more. But then he started talking about the Nintendo Switch, to which he said that the company was focusing more on this console more than anything else. That includes PC and the upcoming Project Scorpio.

Nintendo Switch Launch

The reasoning behind this is fascinating, as he states that more platforms to work on is good for content creators, and thus, he wants the Nintendo Switch to succeed so that more games can be put on it. He goes further with this notion by stating he wants to make more games for the Switch…and put existing ones on the console if possible.

This could be HUGE. For two reasons. One, this’ll guarantee more 3rd party support for the Nintendo Switch, and two, this could not only mean new IP’s (potentially exclusive ones) for it, but also, it could mean that bigger name Square Enix titles could be coming to the Switch. Say…Final Fantasy XVI and Kingdom Hearts III? Just saying…