Gundam Versus Blasting Onto North American PS4’s This Fall

Bandai Namco has just made all of the Gundam fans in North America, including myself, very happy. When they previously announced their upcoming Gundam Versus title, there was no mention of it coming to North America.

However, as of today, they’ve released a brand new trailer and announced that the title will be released during Fall 2017 in North America. 

Yes, folks, it’s been a while, but we’re finally getting another Gundam game in the states. And I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait! I’ll finally get to kick some ass with both the Epyon Gundam and the Tallgeese I & II Gundams. Can… not… wait!

World famous giant robot series and notorious head-to-head smash hit, GUNDAM VERSUS, is coming to the Americas for the first time for home console, this time built from the ground up exclusively for the PlayStation 4 system. Battle in explosive online two-versus-two and three-versus-three team battles in this all-new title built from the ground up for the PlayStation 4 system. Each playable Mobile Suit comes equipped with its own weapons systems to learn and master along with new mobility options that allow for advanced strategy to evade and outwit opponents.

GUNDAM VERSUS will be available Fall 2017 in the Americas on the PlayStation 4 system

Unlike previous Gundam games, Gundam Versus is a brand new title that was developed for PlayStation. That said, expect to see fast and furious 2 vs 2 action, as you pilot your favorite Gundam and several other non-Gundam mechas.

That’s one more title that we won’t have to import any more. Unless you can’t wait, that is.