Phil Spencer Heads to Japan Next Week

While it’s not news that Microsoft’s Xbox One isn’t exactly a system favorite with many of Japan’s game developers. In fact, the only Xbox console to have some sort of foothold in Japan was the Xbox 360. Now, Phil Spencer hopes to change this. As mentioned during a recent tweet, he states that he’ll be heading to Japan next week.

During this trip, he’ll be speaking with multiple 3rd party companies regarding picking up some support for the Xbox platform.

This is likely to not only secure more 3rd party games for the Xbox One and Windows 10, but also for Xbox Scorpio. Microsoft is planning to launch their newest console during Q4 2017 and they know if they want to make an impact in not only North America but in Japan, they’ll need more Japan-developed titles.

The question being, which companies will he be talking with? Square Enix for some of those Kingdom Heart Remixes? Koei Tecmo for a port of Nioh or another Ninja Gaiden? The return of Mistwalker? The list is endless and right now, Phil isn’t saying to whom he’ll be talking to. The Xbox could definitely benefit from some JRPG’s, and Niche titles that are constantly made available on the PlayStation platform

Let’s just hope his talks are successful and he manages to pull something off. I’m sure there are plenty of Xbox gamers who are looking for a change of pace, myself included. However, Microsoft still has a ways to to make the Xbox One more attractive to Japanese games as well. Sure talking to those 3rd party companies is a step in the right direction. But making sure that Xbox brings something to the table is also something that needs to be worked on.  Love em’ or hate em’, this is something that Sony has worked on for years and you can see the payoff.

One thing is for sure, I’m looking forward to seeing what comes from these talks. I’m sure Phil Spencer will share all once he gets back.