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Fire Emblem Heroes Offering More EXP In Special Event

One of the beautiful things about Fire Emblem Heroes is that the game sometimes drops big events or additions with no warning at all. While it does catch players off-guard, the confusion and surprise is easily toppled by the joy of something new.

Case and point, the recent additions of Eirika, Ephraim, Seliph, and Julia. Or the “Boss Event” we got in Narcian. But now, a new event has been added, one that’ll grant you 1.5x EXP from now until the 23rd.

Fire Emblem EXP event

Now, that may not sound impressive, but in context it is. One of the things that makes Heroes so unique is being able to summon heroes from past Fire Emblem games and put them into your army. And when a player gets a character they really like, they’ll put them in right away. Problem is, all new summons start at Lvl.1 thus, they have to train them. With this boost in EXP, training will go a little quicker, and thus players can add their new favorite characters to their best teams all the sooner.

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