Greil Mercenaries, Fire Emblem Heroes

Opinion: Characters We Want/Need In Fire Emblem Heroes Soon

So in case you didn’t hear. Fire Emblem Heroes recently released for Android and iOS. And while it’s not a perfect game (You can hear our thoughts in the latest Nintendo Entertainment Podcast!), it’s still a darn good one. But it does feel incomplete.

No, we’re not talking about the storyline which is currently on a cliffhanger; however, I’m referring to the lack of characters from key Fire Emblem titles. Especially ones that for some people were the reason they got into Fire Emblem in the first place. This week we got confirmation of four characters coming our way from Sacred Stones (Ephraim and Eirika) and Genealogy Of The Holy War (Seliph and Julia). While this is a great start, there’s still some big characters missing and we’re here to break down whom we think NEEDS to be next.

1. Ike


I really don’t want to rage here but… HOW IS HE NOT IN THE GAME YET?!?!??

Ike is one of, if the not the, most popular Fire Emblem characters in the franchise. I would even go as far as to say the only rivals for him are Marth, Chrom, and maybe Lyn in terms of popularity. Ike has been in the the last two Super Smash Bros. games and as a result, he’s one of the few Fire Emblem Characters to also have a sequel game. He was in Path of Radiance on the GameCube and Radiant Dawn on the Wii.

But what makes Ike so special, to me anyway, is that he’s not a true Lord. He’s not! He’s the son of a mercenary, who was a former general of Daein. He is blunt, but there’s beauty in it. If he makes a mistake, he instantly tries to rectify it. He doesn’t care about rank or title or birth, he’s cares about the people under his care. Regardless of whether they’re friends, family, or royalty. To me, he is the greatest character in all of Fire Emblem because of his selflessness. Something that hasn’t been topped since might I add.

Now yes, we know he WILL be in the game, it’s inevitable, but we want him in NOW! He’s Ike gosh dang it!

2. The Greil Mercenaries

Greil Mercenaries

Let me clear here. These guys are a summon group all their own. The Greil Mercenaries and The Shepherds are easily the most recognizable groups in Fire Emblem history. Not the least of which is because they actually have a group name.

What made Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn so special were these characters. They were all unique, all full of life and personality (yes, even Soren), and you couldn’t help but make as many of them strong as you could. The best part, was that there was such variety in this group, that they could fit the personality of any player who got a hold of them.

Now, while the core group may be a little small for summoning, there is wiggle room here. Princess/Queen Ellincia and the Royal Knights could fill up the roster with characters like Lucia, Camill, Largo, Geoffrey and Bastion. And of course, the Dawn Brigade with Sothe, Leonardo, Edward, Meg, Micaiah, and more.

In fact, going with the “group names”, why not call the Summon Group “Heroes For Hire“? Or “Radiant Heroes“. That seems to fly with me.

3. Laguz/Manakete

Laguz Kings

It may seem like we’re sticking with two games here, but we’re not. Fire Emblem has long tradition of having beast/shapeshifter characters; and while Fire Emblem Heroes does have Tiki and Fae, they do need a few more.

The best part about the Manakete/Laguz clans is that they’re diverse in how they look, and the stats they have. Hawks are stronger than Ravens, but the Ravens are fast. The Herons don’t fight, but can heal and rejuvenate characters, the Cat tribe have different tiers in cats, tigers, and lion, and the Dragons are just awesome. Add to that, characters from Awakening in Fates like Panne, Keaton, Kaden, and more, and you have a full summon class. Yes, the weapons triangle may need to be altered a bit, or, the Laguz will need to be carefully placed in it, but it can work. And it’d give fans not only another cool set of characters to play as and raise, but it’d open up whole new possibilities.

Oh! And there’s my favorite Laguz, the Wolf Tribe with Nailah and Volug. Add them too!

4. Alm And Celica

Alm and Celica

Fire Emblem Gaiden is considered the “black sheep” of the franchise, but Nintendo is giving it new life via Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadow of Valentia. And what better way to prepare fans for what’s coming than to put them, and likely some of their companions, into Fire Emblem Heroes?

Remember, Echoes is getting completely remade art wise, as you can see in the pic above. So it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch at all to make them arrive. And remember, Nintendo knows that Gaiden wasn’t played by many people, thus the remake, and with Fire Emblem Heroes already being downloaded millions of times, that’s potential buyers of Echoes. So if they put Alm and Celica in before launch, make a mini-event in the game featuring them. They could basically be guaranteeing sales.

5. Sigurd


The original Lord in Genealogy Of The Holy War, Sigurd is actually one of the most tragic characters in all of Fire Emblem history. Why? Because he was the main character in the first half of the game… and then he was betrayed, then killed in the game! Yeah, try doing that nowadays… And no, Chrom’s fake death doesn’t count.

Sigurd is actually a very unique Lord. He’s the only male Lord to be a Pegasus Knight (Remember that Ellincia was one in Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, as well as Hinoka in Fates). His character was revered above all else, which made his betrayal and death all the more shocking.

There’s plenty of reasons to believe Sigurd will get into the game soon, not the least of which is his son Seliph has already been confirmed. And we all know that Fire Emblem Heroes isn’t above having father AND son in the game together… Right Eliwood and Roy?

6. Villains!

While this may seem odd, I ask that you hear me out. There are villainous characters in Fire Emblem Heroes, like Ursula, Gunter (depending on how you view him), and Narcian (who was recently added). But, it’s primarily a heroes show. And while it’s true that the heroes are the stars of the show, there have been some pretty epic villains.

Like Mad King Ashnard from Path of Radiance for example! Arvis from Geneaology of the Holy War! Grima, both times!!! Lyon from Sacred Stones! And those are just the top villains. What about the henchman of sorts? Like the Black Knight? Validar? So on and so forth!

While it may seem odd to include them, it’d actually be more odd NOT to include them. There cannot be light without darkness. And besides, you know you want a team full of villains to try and take over the world! Admit it!

7. More Supporting Characters!

Fire Emblem Awakening

If you look carefully, you’ll notice that there are a lot of classic characters in Fire Emblem Heroes, there’s also a lot of supporting characters from Shadow Dragon, Awakening, Fates, Blazing and Binding Blade, etc. With the soon arrival of Sacred Stones and Genealogy of the Holy War, we hope that the supporting casts of those games get brought in as well.

As we noted in the Greil Mercenaries point, the group is just as important as the Lord, and that is true for Awakening, Fates, and the others too. For every Marth, you need a Minerva, for every Camilla, you need a Beruka. The supporting casts aren’t just characters, they’re a part of Fire Emblem History! It’s a joy for me to see a character and go, “Who is this?” and want to know more. For those who aren’t as in-depth with the series as others, Heroes is a great way for people to see more than just the characters who are the “faces” of the franchise.

What makes Fire Emblem Heroes such an interesting game is that it’s full of history, Fire Emblem history. This game is a testament to a franchise that was once a cult favorite, and is now a revered franchise all over the world. We think it’s only appropriate that more and more characters from other titles in the franchise get their time in the game, and soon!