Final Fantasy XV DLC delayed due to Copyright Issues

Earlier this week, Square-Enix announced that the next DLC pack to come out of the highly praised Final Fantasy XV would come out on February 21st, containing a lot of updates both to the back-end of the game, but also a “Booster Pack” which contains a few extra items to help improve and lower the difficulty of some of Final Fantasy XV‘s more grind heavy elements. One of these items is a set of brightly colored exosuits for the four main characters: Noctis, Gladiolus, Prompto, & Ignis. If the idea of brightly colored exosuits that improve the characters abilities sounds familiar, then you’re not wrong.

The Final Fantasy XV Magitek Exosuit designs

It turns out that the “Magitek Exosuit” (As seen in the above image) resembles something that would fit right in with the upcoming Power Rangers movie by Saban Brands and Lionsgate Films. Somewhere along the line someone, probably a lawyer from Saban Brands, got in touch with Square-Enix and informed the long time gaming company that it’s upcoming DLC suits are bordering on the designs of the suits that will feature in the upcoming Power Rangers reboot movie. This has forced Square-Enix to remove the exosuits from the Booster Pack DLC for redesign and release at a later date according to reports from Gematsu.

The Power Rangers movie reboot designs

The rest of the Booster Pack DLC is on schedule for the February 21st release date. The updated “Magitek Exosuits” will be rolled out in a future DLC patch, just not looking anything even close to the Power Ranger movie designs. The March update will iron out the long standing and well noted issues with the game’s now infamous Chapter 13, which will bring the game to a more complete code. Expect a full review of Final Fantasy XV from The Outerhaven in March/April 2017.

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