Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Director VERY Interested In The Nintendo Switch

Recently, it was revealed that Square Enix was considering bringing Final Fantasy XIV to the Nintendo Switch. But, it was confirmed that Final Fantasy XV wouldn’t be coming to it at all. This hasn’t stoked the fires of fans speculating about a dedicated Final Fantasy main series game coming to the console. We even talked about that possibility on the latest Nintendo Entertainment Podcast.

Now, less you think this is all fanboy dreaming, check this out, in an interview with Polygon, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata had this to say about the Nintendo Switch:

“Given my track record… I’ve worked on handheld titles, but I’ve also worked on console games. So the fact that Switch is both at the same time is really fascinating to me. I’m really interested in coming up with ideas and how to capitalize on that technology and how to create the best experience possible on the technology. But I’m not quite sure that I have it yet.

“You have your Switch sitting in front of the television and you’re playing on the big screen and then you take it out, put it down on the table. It becomes a monitor. You take out the two Joy-Cons, and you play with a friend … it doesn’t stop there, because in my mind, it would be really perfect if you could then take this new monitor and use it like a tablet, for example, and play different apps on it like you would on your iPhone or your Android. So basically, it’s accomplishing three tasks in one machine. It’s kind of like the dream machine.”

Nintendo Switch Launch

“While I may not be working on anything for it at this point in time, a lot of people on the staff are really interested in the Switch. Myself included! Many of the people on the dev team are older; they’re married; they have kids. One of the things they’d like to do is create something they could also play with their children, or that their children could play on their own, for example.”

While this is hardly definitive confirmation of anything, to hear someone of Tabata’s character and passion talking about the Nintendo Switch like this is sure to get some of these rumors more fire. And it could be argued that no developer is supporting the Switch more than Square Enix. Who knows what the future will bring…