Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix Could Bring Final Fantasy XIV To Nintendo Switch

When you consider how many 3rd party companies are supporting the Nintendo Switch, one really stands out. Square Enix. They’re bringing multiple titles to the new console, including Dragon Quest, and a new exclusive title from the Bravely Default team currently going by Project Octopath. Fans have wondered though if Final Fantasy will follow in some capacity.

Well, it appears that may be under consideration. While Final Fantasy XV has already been denied a Switch port, Square Enix is thinking about bringing Final Fantasy XIV over to the Switch. This comes from Nova Crystallis, who is a news source for Square Enix titles. They state:

“Switch support is under “consideration” for #FFXIV just as XBO”

The key question though for Square Enix is whether the game will not only work with the MMORPG model (which if you recall, Nintendo hasn’t had a lot of MMOs or MMORPGs on their system), but also, whether it could interact with the PS4 and PC versions of the game. This later problem also pertains to the Xbox One.

Nintendo Switch Skyrim

Should it happen though, we could be seeing Final Fantasy XIV on the Nintendo Switch, and that would be HUGE! Think of the possibilities in regards to taking an MMORPG on the scale of Final Fantasy XIV around with you wherever you go! Especially with expansions like Heavensward and the upcoming Stormblood coming out.

The Square Enix team has stated that they want to bring the game to as many platforms as possible, and with the big hype surrounding the Switch, it’d have to be something really big to prevent it from happening.