Two more titles shown during Nintendo’s 3DS Direct last September will make their way to the 3DS in 2017.

TANK TROOPERS will launch exclusively on the Nintendo eShop on February 16th. The game lets players take control of one of 36 customizable tanks while employing special abilities, such as view-blocking paintball attacks and immobilizing electrical shocks, based on which trooper is in the driver’s seat. Up to six players will be able to participate in team and free-for-all matches over local multiplayer, with support for download play.

TANK TROOPERS - The Outerhaven

Nintendo has yet to announce a final title or release date for its upcoming Pikmin 3DS game, but have scheduled it for a 2017 debut. This outing for Captain Olimar will be a side-scrolling adventure, unlike previous titles for the Wii and Wii U in which the action was viewed primarily from overhead or in a distant, adjustable third person. In Pikmin for the 3DS, players must guide Olimar through a strange new world, using familiar gameplay mechanics that involve throwing Pikmin at enemies and objects to solve puzzles and collect treasures.

Pikmin 3DS - The Outerhaven

With these and several other titles on the way, Nintendo looks like it’ll be making good on its promise to continue supporting the system as the Switch enters the market in March.

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