Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Will Support 2TB SDXC Memory Cards

Despite a lot of positive responses to the Nintendo Switch (including from us on the recent episode of the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast!), there have been some very legitimate concerns about the console. Mainly, in regards to memory capacity.


You see, the Nintendo Switch only has 32 Gigabytes of internal memory. While that technically is a lot, games nowadays can easily exceed that. Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, can easily take up half of that for example. Now while its true that this memory will only be affected if you buy digital games, among other things, it’s still an issue. However, Nintendo has released an official statement revealing this:

“Nintendo Switch is compatible with the SDXC standard, which supports up to 2TB.” For those who don’t know, the SDXC is an add-on memory card that is meant to add storage space to things like consoles. What’s interesting, though, is that Nintendo says it can support up to 2TB, but a 2TB card isn’t available right now. So likely, there’s one coming in the future, and Nintendo made sure it could handle it when making the Nintendo Switch.

As for what IS available right now, the standard is a 512GB card, which is a lot. A 1 TB card has been announced but is not widely distributed as of yet. But again, when it’s available, you can get it.

So, does this ease your fears of the memory problems for the Nintendo Switch? Or are you disappointed that you have to shell out more money to get the console to its fullest potential? Let us know in the comments below!