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Nintendo Entertainment Podcast – Episode 15 – We Lit The Switch!

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In the latest (and super late night) edition of the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast, Todd, Tyler, and Will use their adrenaline to stay up and give you their thoughts on the Nintendo Switch event!

What was it like? How in depth did Nintendo go when it came to the games? To the hardware? To the details? To the launch titles, to the launch price, to the launch date! What did they all think???

Also, they talk about the mixed reaction some people are having for this event. Are they right to feel this way? Should Nintendo have unveiled even more? Find out their thoughts!

They talk about the surprises like Splatoon 2, Fire Emblem Warriors, and the big 3rd party support. They chat Mario Odyssey, and how this could be one of the best Mario games ever made. And of course…Legend. Of. Zelda. The trailer, what it means, what it being a launch title means for the Nintendo Switch, we go ALL IN!!!!

Did you somehow miss all the big announcements? Don’t worry, we covered them and their trailers here! So check them out, then come back to listen to the podcast!

So strap in everyone! The Nintendo Entertainment Podcast, and the Nintendo Switch Reveal…ARE LIT!!!!!!

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