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Japan’s Nintendo Switch Stock 80% Sold, But Customers Think Price Is High

When the Nintendo Switch Reveal was had, and all the big games were revealed. there was two really questions about the console itself that players were asking: “When is it coming out?” and, “What will be the price?”

While these sound like simple questions, they are in fact imperative ones. For as we saw with the Wii U and various other consoles, if the price is too high, and deemed not worth it, the public won’t buy it. Or, at least not right away. If it’s lower though, and deemed “cheap”, like what happened with the Wii, then players are more open to the idea of getting it.

For the Nintendo Switch, the final price was set at $300. Which isn’t too bad in context, even though, the game won’t have a bundled title like the Wii and Wii U did. Which helped justify the price for many a gamer then. Despite this, pre-order sales are insane, with the US and the UK being sold out on virtually every online store there is. In Japan, sources such as Siliconera say that 80% of the initial stock available in the country has been sold via pre-orders, which isn’t too bad at all.

However, there’s a twist here. A recent poll of Japanese gamers (translated by Source Gaming) state that around 62% of gamers think that the Nintendo Switch’s launch price is too high. To be specific, 42.47% of the pollers said that the price was a little high, while 19.74% said it was really high.

Nintendo Switch

Adding to the intrigue, the poll also stated that at present, with the people polled, 57% said that they either weren’t going to get the Switch, or, weren’t going to get it at the moment. With the other 43% saying they’ll get it Day One, or soon after.

This is very interesting, as Japan is the home of Nintendo, however, have much more advanced gaming technology than the rest of the world. So maybe to them, the appeal of a home console that you can take everywhere isn’t as big a need for them.

Needless to say, we here at Outerhaven (some of us anyway…) are VERY excited for the Nintendo Switch launch. In fact, you can check out the list I made for the most wanted Nintendo Switch titles that have been announced so far. And be sure to stick around as we’ll give you as much Nintendo Switch news as we can as it breaks!