You’d think that 10 years would be enough development time for one of the best selling video games of 2016, but no, you’d be wrong. A post coming from contains a message from Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata. For those of us who do not read Japanese, users of NeoGAF forums have translated the message for us as you can read below:

Thank you for playing Final Fantasy XV. Final Fantasy XV was able to achieve an amazing accomplishment, shipping 5 million copies worldwide on the release day. I would like to express my gratitude for everyone that has purchased it.

Currently I have heard many players around the world enjoying themselves. Players are pleased to be enjoying this new Final Fantasy, as well as the staff, we are really happy.
We’ve promised before launching the game that Final Fantasy needed to be complete before it was released. We will continue to update and we are planning to provide a more rich gaming experience to all players around the world. As a gratitude for exceeding 5 million copies, I’ve decided to strengthen the update plan considerably beyond the original plan and inform you of a concrete road map.

These are updates to make the Final Fantasy XV gaming experience more rich, and for longer playability, updates based on requests from players after the release, and in addition to DLC development reported previously. They will be given for free for the short term, mid-term, and long-term.

Final Fantasy XV Update Roadmap

Short-term goals
First, we will update the experience of Chapter 13’s gameplay. For that reason, we are undertaking many enhancements such as increasing the power of the ring’s magic. We will inform you of the details of updated content at a later time.

Mid-term goals
Updating the production of the second half of the game, further enhancing the experience of the story. For example, we are planning to add event scenes where “What happened to Ravus?” was from. In addition to the event scenes, voice responses and localization work to all languages will occur so we will work firmly on this as a mid-term goal. Details of the plan will be announced once it’s decided.

Long-term goals
We will make it possible to use important characters that appeared in the main game as playable characters. We will also consider adding an avatar system to create original characters. In addition to this, we will continue to actively update so that various players can enjoy Final Fantasy XV for a long time.

After clearing the game, you can carry your progress into a New Game. Finishing it at a low level, an invincible suit, we will offer various items that extend the range of play. Fonts displayed can be enlarged for easier reading.
For the already announced DLC, it is planned to be released as originally intended.

FFXV Holiday Pack
FFXV Booster Pack
FFXV Episode Gladiolus
FFXV Episode Ignis
FFXV Episode Prompto
FFXV Online Expansion Pack: Companion

On behalf of the staff and all players around the world, we hope you will enjoy Final Fantasy XV even more. Thank you for your continued support for Final Fantasy XV and the Final Fantasy series.

FFXV Director Hajime Tabata

Now I’m not personally up to Chapter 13 so I have no idea about how much of a mess it is, but if NeoGAF forum users are to be believed, then it’s one of the worst chapters in Final Fantasy XV and a real let down to the overall story. The bigger worry for me is the mid-term goal of adding in more story content, which has been very lacking in the game even after the “Crown Patch” which added stuff from Kingsglave into the game.

Personal Note about the Final Fantasy XV from Karl Smart, assigned reviewer.
At the moment, Final Fantasy XV is an incomplete game. We here at The Outerhaven usually have a policy of not reviewing games that are in progress or incomplete as a full review as it takes away from the full experience of the intended design of the game. As the guy who is reviewing Final Fantasy XV, I cannot in good conscience publish a review on an incomplete game. However I’m in a bind where I am obligated to Square-Enix to publish a full review as soon as possible. So at this time, the Final Fantasy XV review is in limbo until stated otherwise. Myself and other here might publish more “Impression” articles about the game, but no full review till the game is complete. Sorry about that.


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