Nintendo Bringing Back The Power Line For NES Classic Edition’s Launch

The NES Classic Edition is meant to be a way for Nintendo fanboys and fangirls to go back in time so to speak and remember the days of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System. The console will itself have 30 classic titles programmed into it, so you’ll have plenty of things to play.

To capitalize on the nostalgia, Nintendo has announced they’re bringing back The Power Line, the phone service that people could call back in the 80’s to get tips, tricks, advice, and more about the games they were playing.

The service will be available only from November 11th-13th from 6am to 7pm. When you call you’ll get “recorded tips for several games, plus behind-the-scenes stories from original Nintendo Game Play Counselors”.

Nintendo will also deck out their Twitter feed to coincide with the NES Classic Edition launch, and even makeover the New York store for a fun launch event that’ll include a Nintendo cosplay contest, a game show testing knowledge of the NES and its games, and more.

“Many of us have fond and wonderful memories of the original NES,” said Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America’s senior VP of sales and marketing. “With these launch activities for the NES Classic Edition, we want to replicate the nostalgic feelings of sitting down and playing the NES with your family for the first time.”

The NES Classic Edition will launch on November 11th.

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