Indie Spotlight: Hellhunter

Halloween might be over, but ghosts can hang out any day of the week. In Ballistics Interactive’s Hellhunter, you’ll get the chance to send them back where they belong! 

I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost

In Hellhunter, you play as a freelance paranormal investigator with a dark past. You were given the choice: kill yourself or kill your whole family. Obviously, you have chosen to save yourself.  After training for years to become a Hellhunter, the time to avenge your family is now! 

Hellhunter is a paranormal investigative RPG with procedurally generated levels. When you enter an encounter, you are unaware of what exactly you are hunting. It is only through interactive investigation and exploration that you will discover what the creature is and how to destroy it. The game features many tools, weapons, and lights to help with your investigations. Due to all of this, each level offers a unique experience every time you play through it. These levels will ultimately prepare you for a final fight of horrifying proportions. 

This project was inspired by some fan favorites such as Amnesia, Dark Souls, The Conjuring, and Berserk. With such horrifyingly excellent inspirations, how could this game get any better?







Welcome Ballistic Interactive to the Family

Ballistic Interactive is a two man team out of Australia featuring Skyking, the main developer, and Chai, who’s in charge of all things artistic. While the two are no strangers to the gaming industry, Hellhunter is their first of many projects under Ballistic Interactive. The two were simply just meant to be as they were brought together by fate, er, maybe they were just working on the same projects. Regardless, Chai and Skyking became quick friends and have been working on Hellhunter ever since. When asked what their favorite part of development was, they responded, “The most fun part would definitely be brainstorming crazy ideas, prototyping, and then getting together for a playtest to watch who will get destroyed first in a gruesome death! >:)”. So obviously, the guys are having a great time making it. 

Chai wanted to pass this message along to all of you:

On a more serious note, we just wanna thank everyone, you rock! The support so far has been out of this world! We are overwhelmed and humbled with the reception of the project, and we will do everything in our power to make Hellhunter an experience you will never forget!

Final Thoughts

Before I touch on the game, I totally want to hang out with the guys of Ballistic Interactive. They have a great sense of humor and are genuine and passionate about what they do. Due to their charisma alone, I am so stoked to see what this developer can accomplish. Now on to the game! The game offers a spooky atmosphere with a new and unique take on horror. It is so hard to make unique horror games these days, and I think they, along with our other spotlights, are totally yon the right track. 

If you are interested (and why wouldn’t you be?), they are running a Kickstarter for Hellhunter. It still has about a month to go, and there are tons of tiers with excellent perks. Don’t waste time! If you’re interested in these projects, please go support them! I know I’ll be anxiously awaiting this game in 2017, and I hope you will be too.