Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild

Breath Of The Wild May Not Be Launch Title For Nintendo Switch

When Nintendo revealed that Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was going to be delayed again, it came with a small beacon of light, as it was revealed that the game would also be coming to the Nintendo Switch as well as the Wii U.

Because the game is set to arrive in March, along with the Switch, it was presumed that the game would be a launch title for the Switch. However, Eurogamer is reporting that this may not be the case anymore. As Emily Rogers, a Nintendo tipster who has had accurate history with news about the Big N, reports that Breath of the Wild may not be coming out in March at all, and thus won’t be a launch title for Switch.

The reason for this being that localization and playtesting are still going on for the game, and that this could cause it to be delayed anywhere from April to June.

This is unconfirmed at present, but, if it does happen, Nintendo is apparently preparing to have the Mario game revealed during the Nintendo Switch announcement be its replacement.

All will be revealed at the livestream event on January 12th.