Here’s a Cosplay Guide for Dishonored 2, Straight from Bethesda

Anyone who’s been to a con in the last decade (or has seen the internet) knows that the cosplay biz is huge. Dedicated fans, talented crafters, characters come-to-life—what’s not to love? Cosplayers work tirelessly throughout the year, perfecting their wardrobe for the next big con, and their work’s made all the easier with handy cosplay guides like these Dishonored 2 guides from Bethesda.

I love the idea of companies releasing this stuff to the public. Yes, I can see the benefit for publishers to do so (free advertising!), but that doesn’t make it any less awesome. We’ve only been given Emily and Corvo, but really, who else do you need? Granny Rags? A rat? Also, you can check out this post about Dishonored 2 weapon art to get an up-close look at those sweet swords and add that additional flair to your cosplay.

Empress Emily Kaldwin



Emily’s Twist


Corvo Attano


Emily’s Scarf and Corvo Mask


Games like Dishonored 2 are perfect for these cosplay guides, because the characters have a distinct, never-changing look, rather than a main character from Skyrim, which can take on many forms. After drooling over these, I think I’ve decided that cosplaying as Corvo Attano is a must for me. I’ve got the build, the physicality, and the indifference to murde… I mean, the sneakiness. Yes, the sneakiness. 


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