Dishonored 2’s Weapons and Abilities are Looking Pretty Sweet

Yes, the first Dishonored game featured thoroughly amazing gameplay, a great story, and some really cool abilities for Corvo to play around with, but one of the main things I took away from my first playthrough was how aesthetically pleasing the city of Dunwall was. From every wealthy estate to every rat-infested back alley, the creative team behind Dishonored went the extra mile, ignoring nothing. Bethesda could’ve chosen not to show me anything at all about Dishonored 2 and I’d still want to play it. But they are showing me things, and I really, really like them.

Rather than just go on and on about them, I’m just going to show you. I will say, however, that if someone makes a working replica of Emily and Corvo’s sword, I will give you lots of money. Also, that Howler’s Sword is looking pretty good, too (Ryuko Matoi anyone?) All of the images you’re about to drool over were originally posted over at Bethesda’s blog.

Emily and Corvo’s Sword



Emily’s Crossbow



Howler’s Sword



Timepiece Device



Far Reach